Digital banking

A bank without limits is built with the best technology, always thinking of people.

Your services will always be available to facilitate the operations of your clients
Soluciones Soluciones
Banca digital
Menos tiempos de operación
Less operation time
Optimize your clients' processes and become a benchmark for service and efficiency, inside and outside the branch.
Mayor interacción de tus clientes
Greater interaction from your customers
Expand your digital channels to be present in the lives of your customers no matter where they are.
Soluciones personalizables
Customizable solutions
Offer your clients the best experience with our platforms while preserving the essence of your business.
Get to know the institutions that transformed their services with our platforms:

Renew your business. Let's redefine banking.

Digital banking

The most requested services of your business just a click away from your clients.

  • A platform that is reliable and easy to use

    Take the next step and allow your clients to carry out all their operations at any time in an agile and safe way.
  • Take the next step and allow your clients to carry out all their operations at any time in an agile and safe way.

    Optimize the operations volume of your clients and increase the value of your business with our digital platforms.
It complies with all CNBV and Banco de México regulations.

A virtual branch operating 24/7

  • Balance enquiry and bank movements
  • Operaciones entre cuentas propias y terceros
  • Inter bank transfers
  • Payment of services and cell phone bills
  • Account statements download

A mobile platform for your clients to carry out their operations wherever they are.

  • You will be his first option for everything

    With an option for mobile devices, you can raise the level of satisfaction, service and effectiveness perceived by your customers, turning their phone into personal banking.
  • More options for your clients

    Complement your service offer and maximize the impact of your business to be present with your customers every day.
Give mobility to your financial services and maintain the highest standards of privacy and security.

More functions, more personalized:

  • Real-time notifications
  • Incorporates biometric elements
  • QR code reading
  • Transferencias electrónicas entre usuarios o interbancarias
  • Cash withdrawal without card
  • Consulta de saldos y movimientos
  • Recent movements
  • Pago de servicios
  • Air time purchase

Download more information about Mobile and check it whenever you want

  • Eliminate paperwork

    Now the account opening and customer registration process is carried out directly from the platform with an impeccable experience for your customers.
  • Improve response times

    Through our account origination platform, the time spent and the possibilities of human error in the validation of information are considerably reduced.
Increase the potential of your business to acquire new customers in an agile and safe way.

Automated and secure anywhere

  • Incorporates biometric elements
  • Conduct interviews remotely
  • Employs digital autograph firm
  • Validate the information with the financial core