Incident manager

A smarter, more reliable and more autonomous banking

Our incident management platform helps you keep the level and quality of your services under control.
Incident manager Incident manager
Incident manager
Better distribution of your work teams
Optimize your resources assigned to application monitoring with our automated tools.
The information you need in one place
Detect the risks in your operation in advance and improve response times to a crisis.
Flexible and ready to integrate with your platforms
Strengthen your technological and business infrastructure with our detection, diagnosis and analysis tools.

Reduce the negative impact on your business:

  • Take the confidentiality of your clients to the maximum
    Improve your customer service by automating the monitoring of their activities, without compromising their information.
  • Confidencialidad
Jose Guerrero
  • The system keeps a record of each transaction
    Detects anomalies early, obtaining reports of suspicious, received or failed operations, as well as general data such as date, place and time.
  • Transacción
Reportes informativos
  • Measuring the performance of your hardware and software
    Know the performance of your servers and digital infrastructure, for better decision-making regarding updates, hardware purchase, among others.
  • Performance hardware y software
Performance gráfica