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The confidentiality and information of its clients is always protected.
Seguridad Seguridad
Servicios de autenticación
We strengthen the security of your applications
The best banking experience is only complete if you have the most sophisticated authentication and data encryption mechanisms.
Protocolos regulatorios
We comply with regulatory protocols
Achieve your business objectives through agile platforms without neglecting regulatory compliance in your country.
Soluciones personalizables
Customizable solutions for your services
The flexibility of our solutions allows you to strengthen the operating processes and keep the essence of your business intact.
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More than one product to safeguard information:


The confidentiality and information of your clients will be protected at all times

Protección datos
  • We protect more than data

    We take care of the confidentiality of your clients and their transactions through our platforms.
  • We build trust

    Our cryptographic platforms allow your clients to carry out all their operations with the tranquility of being in a secure environment.
Our platforms operate with a great diversity of technologies that exist in the market

How does it work?

  • Your client enters their information and the devices communicate with the electronic banking service.
  • Data is validated according to industry standards (FIPS) and regulatory (CNBV).
  • The answer is exposed to the functionality of the module to be reaching the layer in the application of your entity.

Safer padlocks for every document that goes through your business

Protección archivos
  • Standards to protect information traffic

    Protect internal and external files, with the use of cryptographic authentication tools that allow you to store and issue password protected files, among other layers of security.
  • Security to offer more services remotely

    You would facilitate the issuance of digital documents for your clients and internal areas, without putting the information at risk and ensuring a secure authentication process.
We develop a platform that assigns a password to files and the function of requesting access data

How does it work?

  • Upload or generate a document to the bank platform.
  • The file is protected with a password whose key will be encrypted.
  • The protected document reaches the security module, which will respond with a request for the encrypted file.

Llaves de seguridad exclusivas y compatibles con los formularios de los navegadores

  • Mayor confianza para las transacciones de tus clientes

    Aseguramos la identidad de tus clientes usando un certificado de firma electrónica (PKI) y una frase de seguridad, generados en una plataforma criptográfica avanzada.
  • Integramos procesos de verificación reforzados

    Validamos los datos proporcionados por tus clientes y las instituciones involucradas en el proceso, para obtener una respuesta al trámite solicitado en cuestión de segundos.
Desarrollamos un software que verifica la autenticidad y vigencia de los certificados ante la entidad certificadora

You can ensure the identity of your customers even remotely

  • Every transaction will be protected

    Secure your clients' operations with proven protocols and cryptographic hardware that will shield your digital processes.
  • Better quality from any device

    Elevamos la calidad de tus servicios en línea, con mecanismos de autenticación para distintos dispositivos y altos estándares de seguridad.
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